How the footballing world is mimicking politics in order to ‘Take back control’ of their clubs

The politics of 2016 has been turbulent; an understatement at very best. However, the one theme coming back to the decisions of Brexit and Donald Trump being elected is very clear. ‘Taking back control’ was the slogan of the Brexit Leave campaign and is very relevant to the world of football.

Lots of fans are fed up of not being listened to (sound familiar?!) and want to have a greater say in their football clubs. That is completely understandable, however, running a football club is no east feat. The inconsistent results, the pressure from your own fans, the balancing act of keeping supporters happy but keeping inline with financial fair play.

Fans are the custodians of their clubs and want to love their clubs. Fans, to use a phrase from the Brexit campaign, want to “Take back control” of their clubs. Supporter ownership is on the rise and don’t be surprised to see a parallel with the current trend in ordinary people wanting to have their voice heard in politics and rally against the establishment.


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