Administrator warns fans: start saving to buy your clubs

By Liam Buckler

Former Portsmouth administrator Bryan Jackson, who helped sell the club to a supporters trust, has called on fans to start finding ways of buying their club before they hit financial trouble.

Jackson, who has sold the last four clubs he has been involved in to supporter’s trust, is currently advising Supporters Direct to get more fans looking at ways of buying their club before they land themselves in administration.

“In England and Scotland there are far too many unsustainable clubs. What I’ve been trying to do at Supporters Direct is to encourage fans to look at ways of buying their club before a financial crisis”.

“Fans should set up a Supporters Trust where you put money in an entity so you are ready to takeover your club as soon as a crisis hits.”

The former administrator of Hearts, Jackson, believes the days of clubs being owned by one investor are now over with more fans than ever wanting to take back control of their clubs.

“It’s never a good formula to rely on one person funding the club as money runs out. Clubs like Portsmouth became tarnished with money problems and nobody outside the club wants to buy them. Only the supporters stepped in because they love their club.”


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