Borussia Dortmund & Hannover 96 complete the last interviews


That’s it! All interviews have now been completed after yesterday. Borussia Dortmund and Hannover 96 have very kindly given me a lot of their time and have been fantastic in giving me answers.

The Premier League could learn a lot from the conduct of Borussia Dortmund,  one of the biggest clubs in Germany, and how they deal with media requests; they simply could not have been any more helpful, likewise with Hannover 96.

The whole mindset of German football is so refreshingly different, as you will find out in the upcoming article, and how they perceive supporters and football in their country. It is staggeringly simple; yet so effective . The Premier League may be all about money but German football is so far ahead of the Premier League in many aspects of the game, English football would be foolish not to take notice.

I would write more in this widely unread blog but I have a staggering amount of work to do. Until next time, go away.

Liam x




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