The FA chief executive Martin Glenn gives exclusive interview to the fan ownership project

A lot of email rejection, persistence, regular trips to a famous chain beginning with Wether and ending in Spoons, my project has now secured one of the most difficult interviewees in the The FA’s chief executive Martin Glenn.

Whilst he is currently trying to find an England manager (spoiler alert, it will be Gareth Southgate) his people were very helpful in agreeing to participate in my fan ownership project.

One of the reasons I wanted to get Martin onboard with the project was because of a trip he made to Fratton Park around October 2015, where he watched two fan owned clubs play each other in Portsmouth and Wimbledon. Mr Glenn gave an interview to the Portsmouth FC media and was very supportive of the model and articulated how impressed he was with such a well-run club, which had a consistent and big following in League 2, as a template for future clubs.

The contents of the interview will be available once the final article is published!



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